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The world is coming together to end COVID-19 and SimuLyve International® is committed to do our part to help in the vital role of producing virtual meetings for healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Our virtual meeting planners are also helping the financial, insurance, and manufacturing industries communicate to the world, so that they can continue business operations despite travel restrictions and cancelled meetings.

We're here to help. Please contact us and we will be happy to lend support in any way we can to assist you in converting your face-to-face meetings, so that they can be broadcast on the SimuLyve® Virtual Network.

Due to unprecedented demand for our products and services, we are prioritizing COVID related, pharmaceutical and medical meetings, and will fulfill all other requests after the most critical healthcare meeting needs are met first. To request virtual meeting support, email

Virtual & F2F Meeting Planning

SimuLyve simulates the experience of a face to face meeting

From the Inventors of SimuLyve®
SimuLyve Virtual Meetings, Simulating the Experience of an In-Person Meeting

What does it mean to SimuLyve® (simulive) a meeting? SimuLyve® comes from the fusion of two words, Simulated + Live. SimuLyve® simulates the in-person experience. SimuLyve® combines the excitement of live with the ease and accuracy of pre-recordings.

We're much more than a platform. At SimuLyve International® we'll manage every aspect of your virtual meeting, professionally pre-recording presentations, then streaming them LIVE to a virtual audience that can then interact with the presenters and ask questions. That's SimuLyve®. Viewers online will feel like they've attended an in-person, live meeting, engaging, immersive and interactive.

From investigator meetings and clinical trial training for pharmaceutical companies, to sales and marketing meetings, It's Not Webcasting, It's SimuLyve®.

SimuLyve International F2F, In-Person Meetings, Setting the Standard for Professional Meeting Planning

If your meeting is in-person, our world class meeting planners will produce every aspect of your F2F meeting and will additionally, stream your meeting LIVE to your virtual audience via SimuLyve®.

SimuLyve On Demand®

And finally, we'll publish all recordings of your meetings to SimuLyve On Demand®, our sophisticated Learning Management System that has tested and certified millions of users online in pharmaceuticals, insurance, financial and more.

Since 1977, We've Specialized in Pharmaceutical Investigator Meetings, Sales & Marketing Meetings, Product Launches and More.

From investigator meetings and clinical trial training for pharmaceutical companies, to sales and marketing meetings, since 1977 SimuLyve International has set the bar in the meetings industry, producing thousands of meetings. SimuLyve International is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the world of meeting management. From audio-visual services, to logistics, hotel selection, streaming, webcasting, filming of your meeting and more, one call to SimuLyve International does it all.

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The Model for SimuLyve®
Is Broadcast Television.

Watch this video and learn how to create exceptional "Virtual Investigator Meetings During COVID-19 & Beyond" with SimuLyve CEO Steve Sulkin and a panel of pharmaceutical experts.

Supporting Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Financial, Technology and More

Supporting Pharmaceutical Companies, Financial, Technology, Insurance Sectors and More

SimuLyve Virtual Meetings and our Award-Winning Video Productions are used extensively for Trade Shows, Investigator Clinical Trial Meetings, Ad Boards and for Sales & Marketing Launches and Meetings.

How is the Magic of
SimuLyve® Created?

First, we video your presenters wherever they're located, or we record their video images remotely. We have SimuLyve® video crews virtually everywhere, in Switzerland, Germany, The United States, The UK, India, China, Japan, Australia, all over the world. We then edit what we've recorded into an engaging SimuLyve® video and stream it live to a virtual audience. That's SimuLyve®. SimuLyve® is the best of both worlds, pre-recorded so that it's accurate, powerfully engaging and technically flawless, but streamed live, so that your audience can interact and ask questions just as if they were face-to-face.

The SimuLyve®
Suite of Products


LIVE interactive virtual experience + LIVE Q&A Learn More

SimuLyve plus

Video pre-recorded at the presenter's location, streamed LIVE to a virtual audience + LIVE Q&A. Learn More

SimuLyve plus remote

Video pre-recorded at the presenter's location (contactless & remotely controlled), streamed LIVE to a virtual audience + LIVE Q&A. Learn More

SimuLyve livestream

LIVE streaming from LIVE events. Learn More

SimuLyve films

Stunning film produced by our award-winning filmmakers. Learn More

SimuLyve translation

LIVE simultaneous translation into any language in the world. Learn More

SimuLyve On Demand

Click play to experience SimuLyve On Demand a robust Learning Management System, complete with testing and certification.

Production Services

SimuLyve translation

SimuLyve Translation

SimuLyve International is home to some of the finest medical translators available anywhere. To listen to a SimuLyve virtual meeting in virtually any language in the world, simply click on the language you want to listen to on the SimuLyve Translation app, and you'll hear the entire virtual meeting in your chosen language. We'll record your SimuLvye virtual meeting in every language we translate into, so that when the meeting's done, you'll have as many different recordings as your virtual meeting was translated into. And for your pre-recorded videos, we'll dub them into any language in the world.

Patient recruitment

Patient Recruitment Films Distributed via Social Media

As a virtual meeting management company, and a corporate video production company, with special expertise in social media marketing, we produce stunning patient recruitment videos for pharmaceutical companies and patient recruitment agencies. Use the power of social media to get your patients recruited in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. Simply putting your video on a website is not social marketing. Social marketing is a complex endeavor, a craft that our experts have honed for decades. Contact and ask us to produce and market your next patient recruitment social media campaign via video.

on-site audio visual

Onsite Audio-Visual Production for F2F Meetings

Since 1977, SimuLyve has been supplying audio-visual production worldwide for face-to-face meetings. Onsite we combine our expertise in audio-visual production, video production and live streaming via SimuLyve® to support all of your face-to-face technological meeting needs.

graphic design

Graphic Design and Animation

Eye catching animation, such as mechanism of action films and video for pharmaceutical companies and exceptionally modern PowerPoint design, are hallmarks of SimuLyve virtual meeting broadcasts. Let our designers bring your next virtual meeting into the future with next generation SimuLyve graphic design and animation.

SimuLyve International®

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